Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just say no to EA

You know, every time I start thinking EA might've done the right thing and I'm considering taking them off my shitlist, they do something so completely boneheaded you have to wonder if all their people have sold their souls to the devil.

This time, instead of f***ing their employees, they're f***ing their customers. That's not really new to EA, but the way they're doing it this time is pretty incredible.

Battlefield 2142, a new shooter game from EA, is accompanied by a piece of spyware that scans your PC for your browsing activity and "other computing habits", whatever the hell that means, and then send all that data to EA. You can not play the game without installing that piece of software on your computer.



Jamie Flournoy said...

Yet another reason to play console games exclusively.

madfinn said...

Well, so you'd think, but then EA's doing some funky shizz on consoles as well:


Just say not to EA!

kng said...

this sucks. Unfortunately this seems to be trend. More in-game ads are coming.